HomeTown Apothecare

A community and patient centered pharmacy benefit management company.

  • Flat management fee: per paid claim
  • Discounts through our network of independent pharmacies in Michigan
  • National network of more than 40,000 pharmacies
  • Online reporting package and analysis
  • Complete transparency – full rebates paid to employer
  • Eligibility and coverage authorization
  • Claims processing
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Prescription cards for participants
  • Member help desk
  • Home Delivery (mail-order) and specialty pharmacy services
  • 340B program management
  • Hospice claims, long-term care
  • Implementation and setup

Using our secure website, plan members will have access to personalized information about the drugs they are taking, out-of-pocket costs for these drugs, availability of therapeutic alternatives, and savings estimates resulting from migration to less expensive alternatives. This information encourages members to work with their physicians in selecting the best quality, lowest cost drug therapy. Members can access this information directly via the Internet or contact our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Our Internet Solution Includes the Following Modules:

Plan Member Member-focused “prudent purchasing” tools

Plan Administrator

Utilization, claims, auditing reports and customer service support

Care/disease Management

Uses drug- and disease-specific filters to identify and manage high-risk members

Plan Design Modeling

Uses historical claims data to profile the financial impact of plan design changes by incorporating variables related to formulary, plan design, drug migration and new drugs in the marketplace

Plan administrators who use these web-based tools can more effectively manage the administrative and clinical components of their plans.

Reports Available Include:

  • Claims summary by drug
  • Claims activity
  • Invoices
  • Claims summary by group
  • Claims itemization by pharmacy
  • Claims detail by member
  • Active Member listings and more!

Why HomeTown Apothecare?

Self-funding and management of your own prescription programs results in costs savings.
As an employer or business owner, you need help managing prescription drug programs for your employees. Our goal is to lighten your administrative burden.

We are an independent pharmacy organization, and we work for you. We are not financially vested in drug manufacturing so our focus is solely on cost-effective utilization and lowest net cost. We disclose pharmacy cost, offer transparent fees for management, pass-through rebates, and secure access to data and reporting.

Knowledgeable, personal and local pharmacists and technical support—right in your hometown.
We are a 100% Michigan business.


Prescription Solutions for Employers

The governmental program, 340B, has special considerations, requirements and procedures that participants must follow. HomeTown ApotheCare’s custom pharmacy benefit solutions for our clients enables us to deliver a comprehensive, 340B solution that includes: managing eligibility, maintaining compliance, replenishing inventory and performing detailed reporting.

The increasing number of excellent generic or over-the-counter drugs means your members and their physicians have many cost-effective drug treatment options available to them for treating common diseases. Members are often unaware of the cost-saving opportunities that exist for both them and their plans. This service helps members and their physicians consider alternatives that are both highly effective and result in significant savings.

  • Cholesterol-lowering medications (statins)
  • Non-sedating antihistamines
  • Antidepressants and other psychoactive drugs
  • Anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs)

Medication and Disease Management Goals: To enhance patient provider monitoring and improvements that yield optimal patient health outcomes. The result is decreased product and medical health service cost, and improved outcomes.

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