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Dr. Sirlin’s Ointment

Dr Sirlins Ointment

Dr. Sirlin’s® is an all-natural, soothing homeopathic ointment used to treat diaper rash, chafing and minor skin irritations. With a combination of known protective agents such as Zinc Oxide and White Petrolatum, Dr. Sirlin’s® provides a unique formulation no other ointment can duplicate.

Dr. Edward Sirlin, a pediatrician, created Dr. Sirlin’s® over 40 years ago to treat diaper rash on his young patients. Since then, the ointment has been highly recommended to protect against the irritation caused by chafing, rashes, bedsores, and much more.

How does Dr. Sirlin’s ® Ointment Work?

Dr. Sirlin’s® is a fast-acting, dependable ointment that contains no harsh chemicals, steroids, or antibiotics that irritate sensitive skin. When applied, the ointment forms a moisture-proof barrier blocking out ammonia-causing bacteria that can lead to a rash, blisters, or a bacterial/yeast infection.

Available in a hands-free, vacuum-style pump, Dr. Sirlin’s® is easy to operate and minimizes waste. Dr. Sirlin’s® retails at $14.95 for a 3 oz. bottle.

Where to Buy Dr. Sirlin’s® Ointment

Dr. Sirlin’s® Ointment can be found in any HomeTown Pharmacy retail location. To order Dr. Sirlin’s® Ointment, you may email us or call us on our toll-free number 800.726.5774.