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Long-Term Care Consultant Team

Consultant Pharmacist

In-House Pharmacists

HomeTown Pharmacy LTC consultants are not independent contractors. Our consultants are required to work in-house on dispensing functions on a routinely scheduled basis. As F-Tag requirements necessitate more daily monitoring of residents, this allows us to efficiently coordinate dispensing and consulting functions resulting in quick resolution of facility concerns.

Members of the ASCP

HomeTown Pharmacy LTC consultants are active members of ASCP (American Society of Consultant Pharmacists), which assures that they stay clinically current concerning new advances in long-term care. Our goal is to ensure regulatory compliance and support your clinical team through programs, participation and references, thus helping to meet today’s challenges of long-term care.

Monthly Full-Chart Audits

We will conduct monthly, full-chart audits including:

  • Reviewing for F-Tag compliance
  • Monitoring of psychoactive safety and efficacy, gradual dose reductions
  • Ensuring appropriate laboratory work has been completed
  • Ensuring medications have a diagnosis supporting their use and proper risk to benefit assessment
  • Evaluating necessity of all medications (PRN and routine)
  • Providing general clinical recommendations in accordance with good pharmacy practice

Printed Reports

HomeTown Pharmacy LTC consultants will provide monthly, printed reports containing recommendations made and facility statistics regarding the average number of medications per resident and psychoactive utilization. These will be summarized and further analyzed for quarterly review.

Short-Term Reviews

HomeTown Pharmacy LTC will provide documented reviews for falls, acute change, short stay or other special requests.

Meeting Attendance

Our pharmacist consultants will attend facility meetings as desired. The consultant is meant to be part of your facility team.

Medication Information

Our consultants will provide thorough medication information to nursing/facility staff and provide other special monitoring when requested.

Nurse Consultant

Professional Commitment

HomeTown Pharmacy LTC nurse consultants will work with you and your staff to optimize the quality of care your residents receive. They are experienced in long-term care, infusion therapy and wound management.

Exceptional Customer Service

As a part of our service team, the nurse consultants will deliver exceptional customer service. They are available by phone 24 hours-a-day for consultation. They will visit your facility routinely to build a strong rapport with you and your staff as HomeTown Pharmacy LTC becomes part of your resident care team.

Extensive In-Service Library

We offer an extensive, in-service library to assist you in meeting the ever increasing educational requirements necessary to keep your staff informed and up to date. We also facilitate manufacturer educational programs. Our nurses are a resource you can use.

Training on Proper Medication Administration

Our most frequently requested in-service presentation is the Medication Pass Administration Review and Workshop. Our nurse consultants are available to help educate and review with your staff proper medication administration. In the workshop, staff will be provided hands-on demonstrations of proper administration techniques as well as discussing the standards for all commonly encountered med types (oral, solid, liquids, inhalers, injectables, patches, aerosols, etc.). This meets annual competency requirements for most facilities. We also are available for direct observation of Med Pass.

IV and Troubleshooting Assistance

We offer IV assistance for all types of insertions and troubleshooting as needed.  Our nurses  are available in-service presentations related to IV therapy, pump usage and monitoring of the site.

Wound Care Service

Wound care services, with special emphasis on product selection, are available as your facility requests.


The Medication Technician will audit the medication rooms and carts on a monthly basis in skilled facilities and quarterly in the assisted living facilities. They will verify storage conditions, expiration dates, labeling and ensure other regulatory requirements are met.

Long-Term Care Contact

Questions about HomeTown Pharmacy long-term care services? Contact us!

Kevin Hardy - Director of Operations
Office: 231.861.6942