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About Extended Care Professional

HomeTown Pharmacy introduces Extended Care Professional (ECP), an electronic medication charting system with Live Pharmacy Integration. This allows your staff to provide complete care for their residents while saving the facility time and money.

Replacing the standard MAR book, the ECP software gives your staff the ability to schedule follow-up tasks, acquire vital signs, check pain levels and acquire all the information they need about a particular medication instantly.

Advantages of Extended Care Professional

ECP is not just an eMAR, but a complete care and management tool. Listed below are just a few of the advantages of using ECP:

  • Customizable Assessments – auto create care plans
  • Care Plan management with task scheduling and analysis
  • Centralized and Customizable Care Plan Library
  • Manages building, resident and employee compliancy requirements
  • Incident and Fall Reports and follow-ups
  • Web Based – access your data from anywhere
  • File Management System – all your documents available from any computer, anywhere
  • Family Access – increase communication, competitive advantage marketing tool
  • Affordable – ECP is very affordable for any size home


  • No more paper MARS to manage, changeover and store
  • Vital signs reporting and other pre-checks
  • Barcode scanning

Less Med Errors

  • Reminders when MEDS are missed
  • Reminders for follow-ups
  • New orders, DC’d meds are LIVE and in real-time
  • Track narcotic medication and counts
  • State of Michigan compliant prep and charting

Save Valuable Time

  • One touch re-ordering of medication and products
  • Reduce calls to and from pharmacy
  • Inventory of Meds – PRNs and other meds can prompt for re-order

Simple Access to Data

  • View MAR and details securely from any computer a cell phone
  • Valuable analysis charts and tools

Easy to Use

  • Easy User Interface – you’ll be up and going in no time
  • New Caregivers can be taught in a fraction of a time from conventional MARS


Our facility has worked with Hometown Pharmacy since 2007. They have been professional, friendly, accommodating and timely. What has impressed me the most is their focus on service to both our residents and our staff. They have been willing to make extra trips to accommodate the delivery of urgent medications for our residents and have dealt directly with families over billing matters. Their staff communicates with physician offices and insurance companies in an attempt to make things smoother for their customers. They have always been available when I have called with questions about orders, medications or billing. They have also provided education for our staff. When an issue arises, as it sometimes does, they focus on getting the problem solved as quickly as possible. It certainly helps our facility staff to serve our residents in a more efficient manner.

The ECP System has definitely improved the med pass process. It saves time and assures a clear and consistent written order for medication administration. With the old MAR book there were many errors due to misunderstanding the book, the directions, and it was hard to read.

The vitals portion of ECP is great! It allows us to determine numerically and visually a baseline for individuals and it is a breeze to send this information to the resident’s health care providers.

Questions about ECP? Contact Us.

Kevin Hardy
Director of Operations

Office: 231.861.6942