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ClearPop® – Rapid Earache Relief

ClearPop Product PackagingClear the ear for immediate earache pain relief…
ClearPop® is the game-changing, over-the-counter earache treatment that uses natural biomechanics and medicine-free ingredients to help clear fluid from inside the ear through the mouth – providing your child fast and effective relief without antibiotics or analgesics.

ClearPop How to Use Illustrations

How does it work?
Sucked on like a lollipop, ClearPop’s shape amplifies suction in the oral cavity while the special formulation induces salivation to loosen mucus and unblock the middle ear, instantly relieving the pressure build-up that causes pain.

Be ready with ClearPop the next time your child suffers an earache!
For earache pain, get ClearPop. No pills, no drops, no doctor’s visit, no side effects. Just immediate, safe earache relief.

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