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Prescription Details
Unlike most larger chain pharmacies you can expect to wait between 5 and 10 minutes for your prescription. You can also expect your HomeTown pharmacist to be accessible to answer questions or address concerns about medications for you and your family. Your pharmacist is part of the local community and takes pride in keeping those who live and work there healthy.

Over the Counter Medications
We offer all your favorite National Brands of Over the Counter (OTC) medicines. Our stores also carry the Sunmark generic brand. More than one billion Sunmark tablets are created each year with the same manufacturing practices and quality testing guidelines that the Food and Drug Administration sets for all medications. 

We offer a variety of vitamins and supplements at each location. We carry national brands, Sunmark, Mason, Nature's Bounty, and Basic vitamins. All of our vitamins are reasonably priced. Ask your pharmacist for the best vitamins for you!

Ask your local HomeTown Pharmacist about the 90 day for $12.99 Values Program!

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