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Technology Software
  • RxPertise Medication Regimen Review (MRR) consulting software
  • DocuTrack- A software program integrated with barcode tracking to ensure continuity of orders by receiving faxed prescriptions electronically.
  • Extended Care Professional – A comprehensive, electronic medical record software with live pharmacy interface.
    1. Electronic Med Pass; no more paper MARs
    2. Assessment and Care Plan functionality
    3. Family/Case Manager portal
    4. Remote access
    5. Narcotic count

  • WebConnect
    Facility nurses can add, update or view new patients.
    1. Look up active medication profiles
    2. Order new or refill medications
    3. View the patient billing matrix
    4. Print patient education monographs
    5. Check delivery status
    6. Receive deliveries
    7. Check for drug interactions
    8. View geriatric precautions
    9. Daily medication cost calculator

    Facility Reporting
    1. Display and print refills submitted report
    2. Display and print report of daily facility deliveries
    3. Generate destruction reports with pre-populated information based on prescription data
    4. Active medication profile
    5. Discharge medication sheet
    6. Leave of absence sheet
    7. Medication reconciliation sheet


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