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Who do we want on our team? Here are the expectations of each new HomeTown teammate:


  • Exhibit total integrity and uncompromising commitment to teammates and customers.
  • First, understand the culture we are attempting to create within HTP and how we express that culture to other HTP teammates as well as throughout our customer and partner base. Use this as the foundation for the continuing development of a high performance team.
  • Perform for the good of HTP, ensuring that we continue on the path to provide the highest level of service and quality products available for the communities we serve.
  • With outstanding customer service and products, we ensure that all customers are our #1 reference as to the superior quality and personal care HTP provides in each community. If you take care of the customer they will take care of you.
  • Express your ideas for improvement in any area of our company and be willing to accept input from others and work as a team.
  • Lead by example; understand people’s strengths and leverage them for growth.
  • Ensure that we continue internal synergy (one company, one culture) across the company, which will result in continued growth and an outstanding culture.

Our Culture

From the start, HomeTown has exhibited commitment to our customers (both external and internal) by way of exceptional service. We encourage free thinking allowing teammate entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. Stressing work/life balance, giving back to our communities and providing personalized and responsive service has allowed HTP to grow and be successful.

We are our people. Integrity is fundamental to our actions. We must each personally have the drive to be the best…to persevere until excellence is achieved and most importantly keep that momentum going. Once this is established we can then succeed in instilling the passion in new teammates wherein it subsequently rolls out to our customers. By definition, developing a good work culture means moving in the direction people want. It is simple to do. When the work culture is developed everybody wins.  

The Culture and Communication Team (CCT) members share the following:  Enthusiasm, positive attitude, ability to share and promote ideas, strong communication skills (including being a good listener) and a genuine desire/passion to make a difference. Everyone’s input and assistance is encouraged through special sub-groups and individual participation as we work together to accomplish the #1 team goal of:               

Making HomeTown the BEST company and team to work for and with!

The actions of the CCT help to shape future team member responsibilities and include these key initial roles:

  • Be executors – people who are willing to devote time & effort
  • Working together with the entire HTP team to help build a unique culture
  • Think tank for generating new ideas on how to keep HTP an exciting, fun and reputable place to work
  • Act as liaisons between field and management, between pharmacies and with both their own and other HTP teams, etc…  
  • Be key communicators to management, their home team, regional group and entire company

How can each teammate be a part of the HTP culture experience?

  • Share ideas/suggestions with reps---the more the better---keep communication flowing
  • Lead by example---spread the word---work as a team!  Help in supporting and developing the HTP culture—jump in and take an active role
  • Get involved
  • Be Proactive----Be Positive----Have Fun---Make a Difference!

HomeTown Integrity Program

The HomeTown Integrity Program serves as the basis for our values as a company. It is critical to ensure and maintain our compliance culture. As we continue to grow and our industry becomes ever more regulated, we depend on each of you to contribute and work hard in upholding all applicable laws and compliance processes.

Our customers and patients depend on us for quality care and exceptional service. Our Integrity Program, enforced through our Corporate Compliance Board, reflects our pledge to maintain that trust and always practice with the highest ethical standards and business practices.

The reputation of this company is each of our responsibilities. Take this role seriously and encourage fellow teammates to do the same. Together we can preserve our high ethical standards.

If you are ready to join a growing company dedicated to serving and helping our customers and teammates in making a positive difference every day, please visit our job opportunity link to see current HomeTown opportunities.


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